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Welcome to Al Seden Group



We are Al-Seden Group General Trading Company registered in Iraq, Baghdad, and in Turkey-Istanbul. Our group provides a range of services of interest to citizens and companies in many specialties, including men's and women's fashion, home clothes, children's clothes of all kinds, school uniforms, work clothes, shoes of all kinds, women's bags, children's bags and school bags are certified on what is manufactured in our factories, as well as cooperation with Turkish factories, depending on skilled designers in the aforementioned fields, as well as ready to manufacture any request in the aforementioned according to the request of customers in the models they desire. Our company provides its general services in the mechanical, electrical and electronic specialties in Iraq. Our company also provides its services in selling and preparing raw materials used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The company activity can be divided into three sections, namely:
First section: specialised in fashion; shoes and bags. And this can be distributed as follows:
1- Fashion - Women's Fashion -Men’s Fashion- -Children’s fashion -School uniform -Women’s home clothes -Men’s home clothes -Work clothes
2- Shoes -Women (formal, sporty, summer and winter) -Boys (formal, sporty, summer and winter) -Girlie (formal, sporty, summer and winter) -Men (formal, sporty, summer and winter)
3- Bags -Women’s bags -Children bags -School bags -Sports bags
Tel: +905523321825 /+905444771120 /+905378330236
Second section: It is Iraqi engineering trading company work in different
field in Iraqi Industry, supply of Industrial Automation in general, Electrical
equipments, Cables, lighting, rotating equipments, pipes and fitting, test
and calibration equipments, this different field of works make ALSEDEN
General Trading company supply most project items and find solution for
difficult problem.
ALSEDEN General Trading Company supply, installation commissioning
and service after sale for all type of:

1- Instrumentation, Custody Transfer Metering Skids and level gauging

2- Control System include PLC, DCS, SCADA system.
3- Calibration-Test & measurement,
4- Lighting and Explosion proof Industry,
5- Electrical equipments Include Transformer, switch gear, main distribution

6- Different type of cables.
7- Mechanical equipments.
8- Different type of Pumps
9- Compressor and Blowers.
10- Fitting (valves, flanges, tea, elbow…etc.)
ALSEDEN General Trading Company is a dynamic Iraqi Trading
company with it’s regional office in Jordan-Amman serving today’s vast
expanding & demands of Iraqi markets.We offer a wide range of service
and engineering in most important field industry in Iraq.
• Oil and Gas Plants.
• Chemical and petrochemical plants
• Cements, fertilize, phosphate Industries.
• Power Generation plants
• Water treatment station.
• Food Industry
Tel: +905378423815

Third section: specialised in selling and processing raw materials used in the
pharmaceutical industries and medical preparations. This section works in the Iraqi
market and supplies government companies specialised in pharmaceutical
Tel: +905523321825
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